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Non Medical Life Insurance

This Idea Is A Great Time Saver

Non medical life insurance, sometimes referred to as no exam life insurance, can ease the pain of buying life insurance.

When you apply for a life insurance policy it is important from the insurance companies point of view that you are in good health, or in fairly good health.

They don’t want applicants who have a terminal disease, people who are going to die in the near future.

They don’t want applicants who are about to have major surgery.

Insurance companies are not charitable organizations in the…”give away money” business. They are in the business of making money.

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How Non Medical Life Insurance Works

Life insurance companies select the risks they take on very carefully. When young people apply for life insurance in many cases they get their policies issued on a non medical basis as they are likely to be in better health than older people.

Non medical life insurance is good for the life insurance company because it eliminates much of the expenses involved in issuing a thoroughly investigated life insurance policy.

The insurance company knows that the vast majority of younger people, say under age 35, have very little medical history. They also know that a very low percentage are likely to die from some sort of illness.

They are therefore prepared to issue to these young people, within certain limits, the non medical life insurance policies they apply for.

Life insurance companies issue non medical life insurance to applicants at almost any age up to age 65. The older you are, however, the smaller amount they will consider without a medical examination.

The applicants for non medical life insurance need only complete a questionnaire informing the life insurance company about their medical history. Included are some questions about your family’s medical history.

These questions about family are asked because certain diseases are hereditary.

If, for example, your father or mother had heart disease it is more than likely you will have heart disease later in life…unless you make a special effort to eat the things that will help prevent this from occurring, exercise and live a life that is conducive to good health.

If your mother had breast cancer it is likely that you will at some point in your life develop breast cancer. Of course certain precautions can be taken. A doctor that specializes in that area will have to advise you on that.

If on completion of the no medical life insurance questionnaire there is any history that would indicate that you are likely to develop some serious illness in the near future the life insurance company will ask your personal physician, with your permission, for a medical report to make certain you don’t have that illness at the present time.

In some cases the insurance company may ask for a medical examination which may, or may not, include blood work. Many people discover they have serious illnesses upon completing an examination requested by a life insurance company.

They may not get the life insurance but may discover a disease just in time to save their very lives.

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