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How does one determine which is the best life insurance company with which to do business?

The fact is that there is approximately 2000 life insurance companies on the face of this earth.

To thoroughly dissect each one is quite a humongous task.

The fortunate thing for the consumer is that certain organizations have made it their business to find out this type of information.

Which is the best life insurance company? Some people make the grand mistake of thinking that the lowest rate for a particular type of policy makes it the best. This can be so incorrect.

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Selecting The Best Life Insurance Company

What the consumer needs to do is consider the following factors:

How long has the life insurance company been around?

What kind of reputation does the company have?

How about service? When you need it do you get it?

Do you thoroughly understand the policy details?

Is the premium affordable? Is it competitive?

  • How long has the life insurance company been around?

    If a life insurance company has been around for many years they must be doing something right. Mistakes in this business can put a life insurance company out of business in a mighty hurry. The underwriters have to be careful in how the appraise a risk. They have to also follow the law.

    That is one of the reasons that each state has an Insurance Commissioner. The Insurance Commissioner has more power than most people realize. Some of the life insurance carriers doing business in the United States are over 100 years old. Take a look at these companies when searching for the best life insurance company to buy your policy from.
  • What kind of reputation does the company have?

    You should want to know if the life insurance companies pay their claims and if they pay them on time. It is amazing how bad news travels fast. Sometimes all you need to do is mention your intentions of buying life insurance to the right friend and the reaction will surprise you. Be careful on this one though.

    Some people think they are experts on every subject and you may be fed incorrect information. The reputation of a life insurance carrier is public record. To find the best life insurance company you just have to know is where to look.
  • How about service? When you need it do you get it?

    Service should be of great importance when you are looking for the best life insurance company. Do the employees take care of your business requests in a timely manner? Are they polite? Do you feel you are dealing with honest people? What is your gut feeling on that? If you can’t trust them I am positive you don’t want to do business with them.
  • Do you thoroughly understand the policy details?

    Contrary to common belief there really is no “fine print” in a life insurance contract. The problem is that too often the policy owners do not read their policies. If you have an agent dealing with you should insist that he spend some time explaining what you don’t understand, if anything.
  • Is the premium affordable? Is it competitive?

    The best life insurance company will have the lowest premium rate or close to it. If all of the above items are satisfactory then buy your policy. You may not have the time to do all the research mentioned above. That is fine because there are companies which have already done the research for you. You can get that information from them. These companies are A.M. Best, Moodys and Standard & Poors.

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