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Oh, it’s that life insurance agent…I don’t want to see her! You’ve had a hard day at work.

One employee arrived late while you had a long line of customers waiting to pay for their goods.

You had to jump in and assist to get things running smoothly again.

There is one product that is selling well so you put in an extra order…the truck didn’t arrive with it until late evening.

All in all it was a rough day. You really don’t want to see anyone…definitely not a life insurance agent.

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You finally get home and you take off your shoes and get your favorite beverage. You sit in front of the television set…you just want to relax. The children are visiting their cousins and it will be another half hour before your soul mate wife gets home.

The doorbell rings. You can see the person through the window. It’s that insurance agent. “See me next week, next month or next never”. The fact is that you made and appointment with her…guess you had better open the door.

You don’t want to see the insurance agent when you just came in from work and you are tired, you don’t want to see that life insurance agent that is going to take that money that you had earmarked for that new refrigerator.

Your wife wants to take the children to Disney World and you figured it would be fun if you joined them. Here comes that terrible life insurance agent. She is very pleasant and professional.

You are engaging in a little small talk about the children when the wife comes in. Even though she agreed to the appointment you can see that she is not too pleased that the agent is there. She too is tired. She takes a little time to wind down then she joins you…

This is a good insurance agent though…she skillfully tells you about herself and her plan for advancement in the life insurance business. She is quite skilled and academically accomplished.

You are feeling more comfortable with her now. You and your wife are beginning to trust her. She senses that and says…

How do you feel about life insurance…what is the main reason that you would buy it? Addressing your wife she asks…do you think all the life insurance coverage should be on your husband or do you think some should be also on your life?

How much do you think is the right amount? Most people don’t have a clue. How about life insurance on the children…do you think that is a good idea?…

Have you ever thought about mortgage life insurance? Which type of life insurance do you prefer? Do you prefer to buy a term policy that will pay your beneficiaries at death or would you like a policy that would have some cash values that you can fall back on if you are in need of cash in an emergency?

The agent skillfully goes through 20 or thirty fact finding and feeling finding questions. She then recaps repeating your responses. In effect your are saying that…

She then illustrates a policy that would fit perfectly into your needs and wants…constantly and skillfully repeating what you said you wanted. You are absolutely elated and so is your wife.

You agree to start off with term life insurance with the definite intention of converting to a more permanent type of life insurance later on. When the life insurance agent leaves you say to your wife. She is certainly a professional, isn’t she? That life insurance agent is certainly a good agent.

But you haven’t seen anything yet. You are paying your premiums well and tax time comes around. This life insurance agent takes the time to help you put together everything you will need when you get together with your tax preparer.

She gives you pointers on questions to ask him that you have not even thought about. She does this free of charge. You get a refund higher than you thought possible.

The well trained life insurance agent has a basic, if not expert knowledge, on things that most people do not even think about. Things like pensions and profit sharing, tax shelters etc. They are required to keep up to date on the tax laws as it pertains to these things.

If a family member dies who do you think will be one of the first people at your door? Knowing one can be a good thing. Your life insurance agent can turn out to be one of your closest friends…most valuable in many a way.

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