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Buying life insurance is one of those must do activities that will usually turn out to be worth the effort in the long run. After the process you will experience a deep sense of accomplishment and the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are secure. We work hard, support our families and try to accumulate sufficient capital for them in the event of our premature deaths. We may not live to see our plans mature thus we turn to buying life insurance to solve the problem.

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We must decide which type of insurance before we go any further. There are two types of life insurance policies to chose from; term life insurance and permanent life insurance .

  • Term Life InsuranceThe first type of life insurance people think of when looking for a policy is term insurance . This may be because the so called experts claim that this is the best type of life insurance to buy. They suggest that you should buy term and invest the difference between the cost of the term policy and the cost of the permanent policy, which we will discus next. If you will save or invest the difference this may be the correct thing to do because you can usually get a higher return on your dollar than you would get on a permanent policy. Some people are just not good at saving money.There are many types of term policies. They vary in mechanics, duration and cost. When buying life insurance it would be wise to examine the different types and decide which is best for you.
  • Permanent Life InsuranceYou should not fail to examine the permanent life insurance policies when buying life insurance. These policies could fit your needs. Although they cost more they also provide the opportunity to accumulate some cash. Permanent life insurance consists of whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance and a fairly new policy called variable universal life insurance.

Deciding between the two types of life is a personal decision. When buying life insurance you should determine for yourself how much life insurance you need and how much you would like to put into a policy. You may find that in order to provide sufficient cash for your family the term policy would be better because of the low cost.

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