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Direct life insurance is a fairly new idea for insurance buyers. I wonder why it took so long and why other companies have not followed suit?

It makes everything easier for life insurance buyers. I think what they should do is make one state license good for every state, then you will really see the sale of life insurance take off.

It is not as simple as that though. To understand clearly what it takes let us look at what is involved in the sale of a life insurance policy.

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Direct Life Insurance Online

  • What Is Important To The Buyer

    Okay, you have decided to buy a life insurance policy. You feel you need a small policy to take care of your last expenses in the event of your premature death, you know, like outstanding debt, attorney’s fees, probate fees, funeral expenses and the like.

    On the other hand you may need a large policy in order to leave a little cash or some income for your loved ones. You decide to buy direct life insurance from a company in that type of business on the Internet. Can this be done? Yes it can…but let us look at what is important to the life insurance company in this type of transaction.
  • What Is Important To The Life Insurance Company

    The important thing to the life insurance company selling life insurance directly on the internet is that they are dealing with decent trustworthy people. If you say that you are in good health when you are at deaths door they are going to withdraw the policy eventually.

    It won’t be worth the paper the policy is written on. There is always a clause in every life insurance policy which states that the policy is contestable within a given period of time if the applicant is dishonest about his physical condition.

    In other words your policy is incontestable after it has been in force for a certain period of time. This incontestability period is usually one or two years. Now that we have established what is important to both parties involved in the purchase of direct life insurance let us look at how it is done.
  • What You Need To Do

    You have decided you want to get your policy, you know how much , and you really don’t want to see an agent. You go on to the internet and you find a site where you can buy your policy. You are required to complete a form and answer some questions regarding your name, date of birth, medical history, occupation etc.

    Some companies will approve your direct life insurance policy right there and then and mail you your policy, others will even allow you to print out your policy on your printer. The life insurance company does some checking and, if they find your answers to be true you have a policy. Direct life insurance is a way of simplifying the life insurance buying process.

    Go to this site and check it out for yourself.

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