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Finding the best term life insurance policy can be a very tedious exercise. What really is the best?

It is important to make a decision as to why this life insurance is needed in the first place.

We then need to figure how much is needed and where we should buy this policy.

To put it another way we need to decide from which company we should buy the best term life insurance policies for ourselves and our families…

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The fortunate thing is that the companies that I do business with have done all the sifting and research and as a result we don’t need to look at many companies in this exercise.

There are about 2000 life insurance companies on the face of this earth. Can you imagine checking out every one to find the best term life policy? Fortunately you don’t need to so let us take some time and look at some of the most popular term insurance policies.

The 20 Year term Policy

The 20 year term policy has almost become a household word every time someone thinks about buying life insurance. This is certainly one of the best term life insurance policies available.

This is because the policy makes so much common sense. Here is what I mean. Whenever someone thinks about buying life insurance for the fist time it is usually at a time when there is some change in their lives.

  • People think about buying life insurance and finding the best term life insurance policy when they get married or sometimes just before this blessed event…
  • People also think about buying their first life insurance policy when a new baby is about to enter this world. They want the best term life insurance policy for that event…
  • People think about buying life insurance for the first time sometimes when they are going into business for themselves; and even more so when they see the tremendous possibility for high income from that business.

If you give this some thought you will see that the need for life insurance is long term in each situation. 20 years is a reasonable period to plan ahead for thus the popularity of the 20 year term policy. This certainly would be considered the best life insurance policy for many but there are other options.

The 30 Year Term Policy

The 30 year term policy is sought after by people who really want to plan far ahead. They are in the life insurance buying mood now and they just want to do whatever is necessary and get it over with.

These people don’t want to revisit the subject because a policy is about to expire. The best term policy for such people would be the 30 year term life insurance policy…

  • The husband or wife who wants to be assured that their partner will not have any financial difficulties when raising their children even through college will love this policy…
  • The businessman who wants to be certain that in the event of a key employees death they can continue the business until a replacement is found will consider this the best term life insurance policy…
  • The businessman who has a floating debt with the bank needs a life insurance policy to cover that debt balance. They will love the 30 year term policy…
  • The partner or shareholder of a corporation will love this policy which they would use to buy out the shares of a deceased partner or stockholder from their heirs.

    This would be binding as per a previously drawn up buy-sell agreement.

In each of these scenarios the 30 year term policy may be considered the best policy they could buy but there are still other options. You could buy the decreasing term life insurance policy to cover a mortgage balance owed.

You could use a 5 year level term policy or a 10 year level term policy for short term obligations that you do not want to leave for others to take care of.

As You can see the best term life insurance policy may vary in type from person to person and from situation to situation. The ball is in your court…you decide what is the best for yourself and your family.

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