Affordable Term Life Insurance Quotes

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Need an affordable term life insurance quote? You want to buy some life insurance but you are not certain what the costs are like.

There is a simple process that will not only offer you affordable life insurance costs but will show you how much is right for you.

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Affordable Term Life Insurance Quote

  • Life Insurance Need

    The first thing to do when buying life insurance is to determine how much is right for your particular situation.

    A married person with no children will have a need that is completely different to that of a married person with children.

    The need of a single person will be entirely different than that of a married person.

    You also must take into consideration what it costs to maintain the same standard of living you now enjoy even if you should die tonight.

    Don’t you want your family to at minimum maintain their same standard of living?

    Find out how much you need before you get your quote.
  • Life Insurance Quote

    Once you know how much you should consider you now want a quote.

    There are several sites you can go to but for the most affordable quotes you may want to go to this page.

    The premiums are very low. You may even choose to buy your policy without having to do a medical exam. There is an offer for that as well.

There are many sites that will give you affordable term life insurance quotes online. However, if you are in the market for the best life insurance available you are in the right place.

  • Non Medical Life InsuranceWhen this one was first introduced it took of like a rocket. It is still going strong. These term policies are non medical term policy that can be purchased online in as little as 15 minutes. You can instantly get up to $500,000 coverage if you are between age 18 and age 65. The premiums are very competitive. No medical examination is required, just a few health questions. This policy is renewable up until age 95 without evidence of insure-ability.Go to the site and you will find that these are truly affordable term insurance quotes.These low cost policies are issued for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. You can actually print out your policy online if you qualify.

Protect your family with low cost term life insurance.

  • Term Life InsurancePut together by an outstanding organization these term life policies include a wide range with very low premiums from some of the finest life insurance companies in the industry. You can apply for up to $10,000,000 low cost life insurance online. These are no garden variety policies. Take a look at these affordable term life insurance quotes, you can save as much as 70% in premiums.

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Examine Low Cost Term Insurance

Affordable term life insurance is fairly easy to find. I am guessing, however, that you would not only want an affordable life insurance policy but you really want the least expensive and best policy you can find.

Let us first look at what term life insurance is all about. The whole concept of term life insurance is to provide buyers with life insurance with no bells and whistles added.

Affordable term life insurance is basic insurance for a specific period of time at minimal premium cost. You want life insurance premium rate to fall within a specific budget.

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Affordable Term Life Insurance Policies

Here are some of the policies you can choose from…

  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance

    The premiums you would pay for this policy are very low cost premiums with little or nothing added on. You are simply paying for a policy the face amount of which decreases each year in a fairly uniformed manner.

    This is very inexpensive term life insurance. This policy is usually used to pay off any amount owed on a mortgage on the death of the owner of the policy.
  • Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

    This policy is very pure insurance with an very affordable life insurance premium. It is really a one year term policy with an option to renew at the end of each year without having to prove you are in good health. The initial premiums are very inexpensive, however, they increase every year. The death benefit stays the same for the duration of the policy.
  • 5 Year Term Life Insurance

    This is very basic life insurance with an inexpensive level premium for 5 years. The face amount is also level throughout the life of the policy.
  • 10 Year Term Life Insurance

    A favorite of many this affordable term life insurance policy, which is sometimes sold as a rider, has a level death benefit and is convertible to a permanent policy if the owner should desire to do so.

    The conversion period may vary from company to company. The premiums, following the tradition of term insurance, are level and very cheap. It also has a level face amount.
  • 20 Year Term Life Insurance

    This policy even though it costs more than the aforementioned policies can also be considered affordable term insurance. The premiums are level for the entire term period and so is the face amount.

    It is important to note that you can keep it for 20 years without converting to permanent life insurance. Each life insurance carrier sets a specific time period within which this policy must be converted if this is your desire. The conversion period may be 12 years or 15 years for example.

Affordable Term Life Insurance

It is not too difficult to find affordable term life insurance.

There is so much competition between life insurance companies to keep down rates that almost all term life insurance premiums have become affordable.

Most buyers can now acquire an affordable term life insurance policy.

The thing that you need to pay attention to is the reputation and performance history of life insurance company you intend to deal with.

Make certain your company is reliable. Check the A.M. Best Company on this.

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Quality Affordable Term Life Insurance

Most life insurance companies are reputable because of the strict Government regulations in the United States and throughout the world as well. The safest companies to deal with, however, are the larger ones. They did not get there by being unethical.

They are successful mainly because of the high level of service they give to their clients. They also know how to keep their operating costs down…which results in a lower premium for their clients.

Check out their ratings with A. M. Best, Moody’s and Standard and Poors. Let us now look at the most affordable life insurance policies and see what how you can use them.

  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance

    The creation of this affordable term life policy was like a special gift to the homeowner. This is one of the cheapest policies you can buy…but it has a specific purpose.

    It is believed that it was designed to pay off the balance owed to your bank or mortgage company in the event of your death. The thing that makes it so cheap is that the death benefit decreases with, or close to, your mortgage balance.

    Therefore, when you die your family will own a home free and clear. There are no mortgage payments to make.
  • Increasing Premium Term Life Insurance

    Another affordable term life insurance policy is the increasing premium term life insurance policy or yearly renewable term as it is sometimes called.

    When you buy this policy you are really purchasing a one year term policy with the option of continuing it for additional years without having to prove that you qualify physically for it.

    As a result of this you begin with what is probably the lowest premium that you can get. Because your affordable term life insurance premiums increase every year this policy could turn out to be quite expensive after a number of years.

    If you therefore have a short term need for life insurance this policy may suit you just fine.
  • 5 Year Term Life Insurance

    The 5 year term policy has a guaranteed premium for 5 years and also a death benefit that is guaranteed level for the duration. Although it costs a little more than the decreasing term and the increasing premium term the premiums are still ridiculously inexpensive.

    This policy is also used for short term needs. If you are thinking long term you should convert to permanent insurance when you are able.
  • 10 Year Term Insurance

    If you take the time to check out the rates on the 10 year term policy you will also discover that this is a very affordable term life insurance policy.

    The premiums remain level for 10 years and so does the death benefit. This policy is also used for short term needs but is used sometimes like a stop-gap.

    You buy the policy because you cannot afford what you really want at this time. You convert to the one you prefer when you find yourself in a better financial situation.
  • 20 Year And 30 Year Term Life Insurance

    People just love to buy these policies because they are affordable term life insurance policies and they can be used in most situations where there is a need for life insurance.

    The premiums are guaranteed to remain level for the duration…20 years or 30 years. The death benefit is also guaranteed level. These policies are used to protect families in case the breadwinner dies prematurely.

    Business people use them also to fund buy-sell agreements and for key employee, or key man, life insurance. Click this link to take a look at some affordable term life insurance policies.

Term Policies That Fit Your Need

Let us talk affordable term insurance.

You want a policy that can fit into your budget, right?

Here is a path that you can follow and guarantee two things.

First of all you want to be certain that you don’t commit yourself to something that you cannot afford and secondly you want to be assured that you get a lot more for your dollar.You need an affordable policy, fortunately there are many term policies offered for such a situation.

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Affordable Term Insurance Uses

The first thing to do is to find a plan that covers your needs. How much life insurance do you need.

Everyone is different. You may be a single parent for example or you may be married and have no children as yet.

On the other hand you may be married and already have more than one child.

You may have your own business and need life insurance for business needs. You can get a little info on business life insurance needs at this page:

Business Life Insurance

For all other needs go to this page and use the Calculator to figure out how much coverage you need:

Life Insurance Needs

Once you have done that you now need to compare low cost life insurance quotes. You can get information on that on this page.

You will be directed to a site that fits your particular situation. You decide which is best for you.

Keep in mind that you want an affordable term life insurance policy from a good solid company.

All these carriers have great reputations so you can choose any one you take a fancy to.

Low Cost Term Insurance

Finding an affordable life insurance rate is not as difficult as it used to be.

Most life insurance buyers today seem to focus on the purchase of term life insurance to start their life insurance portfolios.

Because of this demand for term insurance over the past 20 years the life insurance companies have lowered their premiums considerably.

The consumer therefore gains with a more affordable life insurance rate.

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Find An Affordable Life Insurance Rate

Although the main term life insurance policies have always existed there is a new interest in decreasing term life insurance, increasing premium life insurance, and all the level term life insurance policies.

Even the fairly new return of premium life insurance policy has gathered to itself a great following. Each policy has its good points and it is fairly easy to find an affordable rate on either of them if you know where to look.

The birth of several new new internet companies allow you to find a low rate with the click of a mouse on your computer.

It seems, however, that most internet companies represent the same companies. There is a good reason for this. These companies have the best available life insurance policies.

You want the most affordable rate but what do you want your policy to do. How many years do you want to keep the policy for? Have you considered disability or accidental death?

How about a spousal rider, is this something you are interested in? What about a small policy on the children, have you given that some thought? If you haven’t you should.

  • 5 Year Term Life Insurance

    5 year term life insurance provides a level death benefit for an initial period of 5 years. The premium is also level for 5 years.

    Some 5 year term life insurance policies are renewable after the initial 5 year period, but with a higher premium. This increase in premium is still an affordable life insurance rate.
  • 10 Year Term Life Insurance

    The 10 year term life insurance policy is similar to the 5 year term policy. You buy it is for 10 years instead of 5 years.

    In some cases it can also be renewed at a higher premium. Some companies may require additional evidence to prove that you qualify to do so depending on the size of the policy.

    When searching for an affordable life insurance rate you should take a look at this one.
  • 15 Year Term Life Insurance

    The death benefit of the 15 year term life insurance policy remains level for the entire 15 year period. The premiums are level depending on the company issuing the policy.

    Most insurance companies increase the premium every 5 years and some require additional evidence that you are in acceptable health at each renewal date.

    The rate for this policy, even after the renewal increases, is an affordable life insurance rate.
  • 20 Year Term Life Insurance

    The sale of the 20 year term life insurance policy has gone through the ceiling over the past 20 years. The consumer see this as a cheap alternative to the more expensive whole life insurance policy.

    The face amount remains level for 20 years. The premiums may or may not be increased after 10 years depending on the life insurance company.

    The 20 year term life insurance policy has an affordable life insurance rate and is an intelligent temporary alternative to the whole life insurance policy.

    There is built in the right to convert this policy at any time in the future. The consumer should be mindful of this as their need for life insurance may extend way beyond the 20 year period.

There are other affordable term life insurance policies that should be also considered such as the term life insurance policy to age 65 and the term to age 80 or age 90.

Not many life insurance companies offer these policies although each have an affordable life insurance rate.

Most life insurance companies allow you to add the waiver of premium benefit to these policies.

If you should become disabled any time after six months of disability the life insurance company will pay the premiums for you, for as long as you are disabled, even if it is for the rest of your life.

You can also add the accidental death benefit rider which states that if you should die in an accident the company will pay twice the death benefit of the policy.This is also referred to as the double indemnity rider.

Looking for an affordable life insurance rate?

Term Insurance For Your Budget

You should not find it difficult to get an affordable life insurance quote. Why do you want life insurance?

What need do you want to fulfill? Do you want life insurance for family protection? What kind of income would provide for them?

What about college education for the children; do you think that is important? Are you a business person?

Do you need sole proprietorship insurance or may be partnership insurance?

May be you own a corporation; do you think a buy sell agreement is a good idea? Do you think life insurance is a good vehicle through which to fund this agreement? Establish what your need is for life insurance and how much you need then request your affordable life insurance quote.

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Affordable Life Insurance Quote – Available Plans

There are so many different types of insurance policies. In order to get the most suitable affordable life insurance for yourself and your family you need to look at how some of them work…

  • The decreasing term life insurance policy is a very popular policy for homeowners. The face amount decreases each year but the premium never changes. This policy is usually used to pay off a mortgage balance in the event of the death of the owner of the home.
  • Increasing premium term insurance has a level death benefit and a premium that increases every year. This policy is usually used for short term needs or for short term obligations.

    You can use it to pay off an outstanding loan in the event of your death or may be to pay college costs for a child or grandchild in case you should die before the child finishes college.

    If you can relate to anything here you can get life insurance quotes…it is Free.
  • The 5 year term policy is usually used for short term needs as well. It has a level face amount as well as a level premium. Check out an affordable life insurance quote on this policy. It is quite inexpensive.
  • 10 year term insurance has a level death benefit for the duration. The premium is surprisingly low and is also guaranteed level for the 10 year period. This can be used for short term needs as well as for family protection.
  • The very loved 20 year term insurance policy maintains a guaranteed level death benefit for 20 years. The premiums are also guaranteed level. This is truly a family situation type policy.

    Business people also use it to fund buy-sell agreements and for needed life insurance on a key employee. An affordable life insurance quote on this policy would certainly please you.
  • You will also love the 30 year term life insurance policy . It functions like the 20 year term but just for 10 years longer. The premiums cost a little more.

In your search for affordable life insurance you should consider the waiver of premium rider. If you should become disabled the insurance company will pay your premiums for as long as you are disabled, even if it is for the rest of your life. When you go return to work you start paying again.

You will not owe the insurance company for paying the premiums for you. The cost for this rider is so negligible…it would fit perfectly with your affordable life insurance quote.

If you are looking for an affordable life insurance policy look no further, this is where the action is.

On this site you not only find your affordable life insurance policy but you will get detailed descriptions of policies you can compare.

You will find the explanations very helpful in making your decisions.

We also take the time to illustrate why most people buy each type of policy, how they fit into your particular situation.

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Affordable Life Insurance Policy Types

  • The Decreasing Term Life Insurance Policy

    Although many life insurance policies can be used to pay off a mortgage balance in the event of death the decreasing term life insurance policy is the best known and most used. This is truly an affordable life insurance policy.

    If you, for example, made a down payment of $60,000 on a $200,000 house you would initially owe the mortgage company or bank $140,000. You would pay off the balance over a 20 year period.

    You want to be certain that your family would get the house free and clear in the event of your death. Your concern is that you want to be assured that your wife and children can continue to live in the house even if you are not there…

    Decreasing term life insurance, a very affordable life insurance policy, was specifically designed for such an eventuality. The face amount of the policy decreases in a uniformed manner. Upon your death the balance owed would be paid off.

    The fact is your beneficiary would be paid the money by the insurance company and she would in turn pay the bank or mortgage company. If you choose an alternative arrangement can be made to pay these financial organizations directly.

    The premiums are very affordable. This is truly an affordable term life insurance policy. There are other policies that can used to do the same job…
  • The 20 Year Term Insurance Policy

    The 20 year term insurance policy is another affordable life insurance policy that is often used to pay off a mortgage balance in the event of your death. This costs a little more than the decreasing term policy but the additional premium may be worth it.

    The death benefit does not decrease like the above-mentioned policy. It remains level for the entire 20 year period…

    Now let us assume you died after 15 years. Let us use the above situation as an example. With the decreasing term policy all that would be paid upon death would be what is owed. In the case with the 20 year level term policy the entire $140,000 would be paid to the beneficiary.

    The beneficiary would pay the amount owed and keep the balance. I believe you will like the 20 year, level face amount, policy. The premiums also are level…they never increase.
  • The 30 Year Term Life Insurance Policy

    Another very popular and affordable life insurance policy is the 30 year term life insurance policy. The benefits of this policy are very similar to the 20 year term policy but with one difference. The duration is for 30 years instead of 20 years. The premiums are a little higher than those of the 20 year term policy but still low enough to be considered an affordable life insurance policy.

    This policy is used for other types of situations. You are a parent, you have two children ages 3 and 5 for example. You want to be assured that they will be well taken care of financially until they graduate college.

    You know that as long as you are alive you will be able to fulfill this desire, but what would happen to them if you died prematurely? The 20 year term policy or the 30 year term life insurance policy can be used to take care of this eventuality…

    What you need to do is to buy a large enough life insurance policy to guarantee a sufficient lump sum or income. This income should be an amount equivalent to at least 60% of your present earnings until your 3 year old graduates college. The cost is much less than you may think…check it out.

    Business people often need an affordable life insurance policy especially if the business is fairly new. They may need a policy to fund a buy-sell agreement or for key employee life insurance.

Low Life Insurance Premiums

In your quest to find affordable life insurance be sure to examine all relevant information. The life insurance agent and sometimes and the life insurance company have conditioned the public into thinking that term life insurance is the only type of policy worthy of your consideration.

The deeply entrenched argument is that term life insurance is cheaper…the most affordable life insurance policies. The minds of people have been conditioned to think premium…the maximum amount of life insurance for the lowest premium.

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Examine Affordable Life Insurance

When considering the purchase of life insurance there are certain other important factors that one needs to look into. We, of course, should consider the companies that offer these policies. The fact is that they are so transparent…it is not too difficult to find out what they are all about.

They offer you life insurance but what is really being offered is, in some cases, a limited amount of insurance for a fairly high premium to people who no longer believe they can still qualify for life insurance. In this case the people who are in fairly good health are paying part of the premium for those who are in bad health.

Another way these companies do it is to offer the older, or ailing, people insurance with an increasing death benefit. They say they are selling you a $10,000 life insurance policy but what they are really doing is offering a $2000 life insurance policy that will increase each year for 5 or 10 years at which point you will eventually have the full $10,000 policy.

This may be affordable life insurance because the amount is limited but you should consider what you are paying for it. By the time you get to the point where the amount of death benefit is what you initially decided you wanted…you would have paid close to that amount in total premiums.

If you attempted to purchase life insurance in a normal and straightforward manner from a reputable company you would, more often than not, get a better policy for your dollar. Apply for the policy even if your health is impaired. I have seen many issued in a “standard” class. In some cases you may be “rated”…that is charged an extra premium…but in many cases the premiums will be higher but within reason.

Sometimes if you purchase a permanent cash value policy the rating with which your policy would be issued may not result in an extra premium. In addition you have cash values accumulating in your policy.

Another way of looking at affordable life insurance is to consider net cost over a period of time. This used to be the standard used to measure the cost of a life insurance policy. If you buy a whole life policy and your premium is $500.00 per year and at the end of 20 years you have a cash value of $10,000.00 then the policy has cost you nothing. If you could put out the $500.00 it may be worth it…may be.

Some bright person came up with the idea that those extra dollars you would put out for whole life instead of term, if invested, would yield more than the whole life policy ever could. They took that into consideration and came up with what is called “interest adjusted” net cost. The result looked pretty good for those who wished to put out the extra dollars for the whole life policy.

Buying affordable life insurance, low cost life insurance, in a well thought out and intelligent manner depends therefore on what makes sense to you and how you interpret the phrase…affordable life insurance.

Affordable Life Insurance

Term Life And Permanent Life

What is considered affordable life insurance to one consumer may be seen as expensive life insurance to another.

The amount of spendable income an individual has helps determine what is really affordable life insurance.

Term insurance is of interest to most people who buy life insurance. They have great plans for themselves and their families.

They feel that as long as they are alive and working they can and will accomplish these goals, however, if they should die before their children finish their education, before the new home is purchased for the family, or before they have accumulated sufficient funds for retirement the family could be left in deep financial trouble.

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Affordable Life Insurance Applied To Needs

These needs can be taken care of with adequate life insurance. Let us look at some of the types of life insurance policies you could buy and their comparative costs.

We will discuss term insurance first bearing in mind that with this type of insurance you are paying for death benefit alone. There are no other benefits to term insurance.

The insurance company only pays when you die which is what people are most interested in when they buy life insurance.

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