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25 Year Term Life Insurance

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The 25 Year Term Life Insurance Policy

The 25 year term policy can fulfill many long term life insurance needs. The 20 year term life insurance policy is very popular because of it’s low premium and because people find it fairly easy to plan for 20 years.

To some people the whole life insurance premiums are considered too high. The name “whole life” seems to imply a very long period to these people and as a result they are not too enthusiastic about this type of life insurance.

The 25 year term life insurance policy may be more usable than the 20 year term policy for many people. Let us see why.

Uses And Applications Of The 25 Year Term Insurance Policy.

A young person graduates from college, has a good job and is considering getting married. He has a good solid income and he is very aware of the expenses he will have to face in the near future.

He will need to think about buying a home and it is likely that the new couple will be thinking about having a child before long…

With all these things come the additional responsibility of securing the family’s future. He wants to know that his young family will be able to maintain their same standard of living in the event of his premature death.

He knows he must buy some life insurance. His wife is also a college graduate and she earns a good income. Nonetheless he needs to and wants to buy some life insurance…

The 25 year term life insurance policy would be a good fit for this situation. What he wants to do is to buy a policy with sufficient death benefit to replace about 60% of his income. The premiums are surprisingly inexpensive for this policy…

These premiums remain level for the duration and so does the death benefit. Some companies start off with a lower than usual premium and increase it every five years thereafter. In the long run using this method turns out to be a little more expensive than had the premiums been level throughout.

A man in his early forties is getting married. His wife is quite a few years younger than he is. She plans on having her first child. He too is interested in securing the family’s future.

He wants to provide an income that would last as long as his young wife may live. He also wants to provide sufficient cash to pay for his yet to be born child’s college education. The 25 year term life policy would certainly fit the bill in this situation as well.

Many business people find the 25 year term life insurance policy a favorable choice to fund buy sell agreements whether they are dealing with a sole proprietorship , a partnership or a corporation.

As the death benefit remains level they can comfortably make projections over a long period of time. The 25 year term life insurance policy is also used for key employee life insurance.

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